The diverse terrain of the Vipava Valley with its rolling hills, steep slopes and stunning views will impress every walking enthusiast. There are many walking routes of various difficulty levels where you can take in all the beautiful attractions of the Vipava region, its many natural and historical sites and friendly people.

Mt. Šumka Trail

starting point: Branik, car park at the supermarket Mercator

latitude: 45.860863533

longitude: 13.786083441

point of destination: Mt. Šumka – circular hiking trail

trail length: 12.6km

expected hiking time: 03h 30m

difference in altitude: 406m

level of difficulty: easy trail

recommended equipment: sports shoes, hiking shoes

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Start from the car park in Branik and head towards Dornberk. After 300 metres turn left towards Cvetrož. Go across the bridge over the river Branica and turn left and then immediately to the right. Go along the road as far as the railway bridge where a path towards Pedrovo begins. Go up the path and under the stone spans of the railway bridge. After a kilometre walk you get to a cart road where you turn right. Continue for 1.5 km until the path joins another one and turn left. Go on until you reach the village of Pedrovo. Take a stroll around the village and visit the church in the middle of it. From the village there is a great panoramic view of Branik and the Upper Vipava Valley. Take the cart road on the right and turn left at the crossroads at the top of a ridge. Proceed for a kilometre, turn right into a rough cart road and walk on until you reach the top of Mt. Šumka (533 m) where you can take a look at the prehis-toric stone tumulus.

Return the same way, at the crossroads turn right and walk along the gravel road for a kilometre. Turn left and descend to the regional road Branik–Komen. Continue along the asphalt road for 300 m. At the junction, take the cart road on your left. Continue downwards to the bridge of the asphalt road Branik–Komen. If you turn right on the asphalt road, you get to the medieval Rihemberk Castle. You can visit the castle during opening hours or upon prior booking. If you decide to skip the castle, turn left on the bridge of the Branik–Komen road and after 50 metres turn right onto a dirt road that descends towards Branik. On your left, you can admire Rihemberk Castle. If you look down, you can see the Branik settlement with its church at the top of the village and the railway with several stone bridges. The asphalt road will take you back to the beginning of the trail.

Trail Across The Vineyards

starting point: Zalošče, bus station

latitude: 45.888211923

longitude: 13.744511632

point of destination: Circular hiking trail

trail length: 5.7km

expected hiking time: 01h 30m

difference in altitude: 95m

level of difficulty: easy trail, marked path

recommended equipment: sports shoes, hiking shoes

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At the bus station of Zalošče, where there is also an Information board with a hiking trail map located, is the starting point of the well-tended and marked path that meanders between the vineyards, olive groves and peach tree orchards.

The route is approx. 4 km long and not demanding, thus appropriate to all age groups – all you need are suitable shoes and goodwill.

The trail enchants with views on the intact nature, on the Vipava River and the surounding villages Zalošče, Tabor, Dornberk, Gradišče, Prvačina; and to the north on the villages Osek, Vitovlje, Šempas, Šmihel, Lijak. Along the route the nearby fish pond »Zaloški bajer«, that has been formed by the Vipava River, can be visited. After the river regulation and the melioration of the Vipava Valley such places, these remains of the former riverbed, are the last refuge of numerous plant and animal species which were very common in the past.


starting point: Renče, market square at the village church

latitude: 45.889676157

longitude: 13.66987112

point of destination: Renče / Gradišče nad Prvačino

trail length: 4.5km

expected hiking time: 01h 30m

difference in altitude: 89m

level of difficulty: easy trail, marked path

recommended equipment: sports shoes, hiking shoes

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The starting point of this easy trail which is equipped with Information boards, is in the village of Renče, at the market square in front of the parish church. The trail from here leads in the direction towards east, through the hamlet Arčoni and across Mt. Rabatovec up to the settlement Gradišče nad Prvačino, where the Slovene poet Simon Gregorčič, called the »Nightingale of the Goriška Region«, lived and created, and where he twenty-one years long said mass. This tour is intended for single visitors as well as for organized groups and runs past vineyards with beauti-ful views on the Lower Vipava Valley. In clear weather one might even see the Julian Alps.