Our estate is located in the village of Zalošče, in the heart of the Vipava valley. Outstanding vineyards and well-maintained vines, sitting just above the Vipava River valley, are our greatest treasure. In addition to our excellent wines, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the Vipava Valley’s finest traditional culinary delights. You can also stay at the campground and Mobile Home camp located on our estate. We are conveniently located just one hour from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, about 30 minutes from Trieste, and an hour-and-a half from Venice. We look forward to your visit to our farm and home, and upon prior arrangement, will welcome you to sample our wines.

We carefully follow the “Guyot” method, which limits each hectare to 4000-6000 vines, and limits yield to 1.5 kg per vine, which are among the primary conditions for the production of the finest wine grapes, before it achieves its unique qualities in the cellar. Saksida mixes traditional cellaring methods along with state-of-the-art technology and oak cask aging to produce unique and rich wines that are a clear reflection of the region.

White Wines

Zelen is an indigenous variety that grows only in the Vipava area and nowhere else. Zelen was the first mentioned and described in the renowned book, Vinoreja, in 1844. The author, Matija Vertovec (Vertovez), the first expert in viticulture and winemaking in Slovenia and one of the more educated individuals of his day, characterised the varietal among the “more noble” white varieties. Since its yield, compared with other varieties, is small and demanding to grow, it was on the verge of extinction. Zelen is named after its characteristic bright green leaves and very green grapes.

Zelen’s typical aromas cannot be confused with any other. It’s reminiscent of citrus and apples, with undertones of green herbs, particularly sage. As its aroma indicates, it is elegant and delicate on the palate, while rich and harmonious. It’s an exceptionally good accompaniment with fish, young cheeses and pastas.

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The grape originates in Burgundy, and in German-speaking countries is called Rulandec. Pinot Grigio is a mutation of Pinot Noir; its berries are reddish-gray to gray-blue color so the wines can be very different. Typically it is is bronze-yellow in colour with a subtle pink hue. Very fruit on the nose, with aromas reminiscent of ripe pear, pineapple and banana. It is an extremely complex wine, rich in alcohol and extract. It enchants with a characteristically soft, harmonious and silky taste with a long finish. It is a very good complement to risotto with spring vegetables, baked artichokes with herbs, fish, rabbit, goose, pasta with tomato and basil sauce and polenta with onions.

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Carisma is a unique and distinct proprietary reserve wine, the pride of the winemakers, as it represents a merging of their inspiration, knowledge and feeling for wine. Each bottling is a blend of Rebula and  Malvazija  from the same vintage.Its aroma is a delightful blend of dried apricot, spices, and nuts with notes of vanilla. Soft on the palate with mineral notes, and a rich long finish. Matches well with pasta, meat dishes, mature cheeses…

As with our white, our red Charisma proprietary reserve blend reflects the winemaker’s feeling for wine and the style and tradition of our estate.

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Malvasia is a wine of ancient origin. It can be found throughout the Mediterranean region, while it originates from the town of Monevasia in Greece. It came to Slovenia with the Venecians and was adapted to the conditions in the Vipava Valley and Istria.The wine has a golden yellow colour. It demonstrates a characteristic combination of freshness and minerality with a floral note of acacia and apricots.  Its full flavour ends with a hint of fruitiness and a mild aftertaste of bitter almonds.

It beautifully complements Mediterranean fish dishes and light meat dishes served with vegetables.

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Our rosé is made from the Barbera variety. It has a lovely pink colour with a strawberry and cherry aroma. On the tongue it is lively with a pleasant freshness and fruity aftertaste.

It can be served as an apéritif or as an accompaniment to spring salads, risottos and sea food.

We serve it a temperature of 10–12 °C.

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Red Wines

Pinot Noir originates from the Burgundy region or France. Generally it is soft ruby red in colour, sometimes with a slight violet tinge, depending on the production method. It is one of the more demanding and capricious grape varieties. It has a noble bouquet reminiscent of cherries, blackberries and almonds. With maturing it obtains jammy aromas only then do we know that we have produced a real Pinot Noir. With aging in oak barrels it develops a full-bodied taste with velvety, ripe tannins and a nice hint of vanilla. It matches perfectly with moderately aged cheeses, mushrooms, ham and tomato pasta, meat dishes, pork, beef…

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Barbera originates in Italy’s Piedmont, and arrived in Vipava in the 1960s and quickly became a ‘Vipava specialty”. It has a distinctive fruity character, light tannin and a slightly higher acidity and alcohol. It requires a perfect, sunny position and a small yield per vine – the only way to produce a real Barbera with its aromas of sour cherries, currants and berries. The taste is fresh, lively and rich with light prune and jam notes. Due to its light tannins and pronounced fruitiness it is delicious even if aged for only a short time in stainless steel. But with its higher alcohol and extract it can also developed nicely with some aging in oak barrels. It merges beautifully with beef, venison, smoked meats and aged hard cheeses. 

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Originates from Bordeaux in France, grows in warm and dry areas, and is considered a later variety. It appeared in the Vipava area in the 1950s and has become the leading red variety. It is distinguished by a lively, deep, ruby red colour. The scent is ripe and fruity, reminiscent of cherries, raspberries, and prunes, with hints of marmalade or jammy characteristics. Velvety and harmonious taste, with ripe tannins with a long finish. It is suitable or aging, which adds leathery, coffee and chocolatey notes. A fine accompaniment to most main entrees: pork, lamb, game, mature cheeses.

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Of French origin, at home in Bordeaux. In our area it is the second most prevalent red variety. Typically intense ruby red in colour with purple hues. Its distinctive aroma is of herbs add blackberries, and obtains prune and vanilla notes when matured in oak barrels. Structurally it’s a wine rich in body combining fruit and vegetable flavours which through the ripening process become sweet tannins, soft, rich and full on the palate. It may be aged for 10 years or more. It is a very nice match with stronger, bolder foods: game, steak with pepper sauce, Florentine steak, or aged, spicy cheeses.

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Same as the white in red wine Carisma reflects a sense of wine. Interplanting of varieties of forms of copyright wine that reflects the style and tradition of the house. It consists of three varieties that ripen separately in different oak barrels (French, Slovenian and Slavonian oak). Merlot gives the wine body and character, Cabernet Sauvignon and aroma. Both varieties are rich in tannins and suitable for aging. Barbera wine fruitiness with its links to interesting harmony and gives a special touch. Carisma is a ruby red color with garnet edges of the time period. Odor reminiscent of forest fruits, cherry and plum jam with a hint of herbal scents of Mediterranean spices. The flavor is delicate, sweet tannins give the wine fullness. In the background are perceived notes of cocoa, chocolate and vanilla, culminating with a long and elegant finish. Nice to give to all main meals, smoked meat, ripe cheese, biftku with pepper sauce, roasts and game.

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Sparkling Wines

Produced in the traditional method from Rebula and Chardonnay. It surprises us with a straw yellow color and lively sparks. It is distinguished by a harmonious blend of fruit on the palate, a full body and a beautiful muscat flavor. It is an excellent aperitif which will make special moments even more magical…

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Produced from Pinot Noir. It enchants us with a vivid rose color, a multitude of tiny bubbles and a seductive bouquet reminiscent of berries, especially wild strawberries. A youthful sparkling wine with a seductive aroma and a pleasant freshness brightens our day. It can be served as an aperitif, either by itself or with some desserts, cherry strudel, fresh strawberries.

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Minister for health warns you: Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health!

Distilled Spirits

This liquor is made by distilling grape skins and then aging them briefly in oak barrels.

It has a light amber colour with floral and honey notes, as well as a full-bodied flavour.

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The elegant and rich, masterfully created Lucas vinjak with sophisticated notes of honey, nuts and spices has been aged in oak barrels where it has taken on a harmony and unique charm. It is bottled in special bottles and packaged in lovely wooden boxes.

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